Weight a struggle and new reality show for Kim Kardashian

A remembrance pic posted on Instagram by the reality show star Kim shows that even the celebs have issues with their post-pregnancy body image. The picture of Kim and her sister Kourtney- pregnant at the time of the photo- was taken during the Emmys ceremony Red carpet.  She captioned the pic and wrote “She was pregnant and I was about 15 to 20 pounds thinner.”

Even do she looks gorgeous right now and then, she still in the struggle to convince herself that the body change after having a child. Fortunately for her, the cheering comments from Instagram fans around the world start bombing her account:  “Everyone changes body wise u look beautiful just the way u r”.

While she is open about her weight problems, she is planning now to start a reality show to share her struggle getting pregnant for a second time. “It’s been more challenging to get pregnant the second time around,” she added. Her husband, Keyn West supports her in this new project.

The uniqueness of Shay Mitchell

Shay Mitchell is now and iconic image reference for the teenager but once upon a time, the model and actress did not appreciated the uniqueness of her physical appearance. Being half Philippine and half Caucasian, she has suffered the struggle of racism and discrimination during high school.  During her he secondary school years, seeking acceptance of her peers, the now successful model and actress, try to change her appearance to look more like the others; this is how she started to use blue, green and even gray color contact lenses, became blond headed and dye her hair.

The 27 year-old actresses is now a different person. She has left behind that impulse to be other person. Now she walk proud of her origins.  Her point of view about herself start changing when she started to get calls to models because… well… she looked different.   “It makes me a little bit more unique.”  She finally can say it proudly.

Mrs. Michelle Obama’s Fashion legacy

The US first lady sometimes becomes a great fashion reference. This is the case of Mrs. Michel Obama, who walks outfitted in gorgeous dresses in every official act. Although the first lady has confessed his fatal attraction to relatively cheap type of clothes, she will never, ever look back. For some, she may be the Jacky O of the modern ages; others simply recognize Obama’s good test and fitness.

It’s impossible to forget some of her most emblematic of its. One memorable moment was when the first lady walks wearing an Alexander McQueen Red off-the shoulder-gown at the With House State Dinner in 2011. We got impress with her overall look, wearing a printed Tracy Reese dress, wore at the Democratic National Convention.