Rihanna revealed the latest perfume Ads for MEN

Recently Rihanna tweeted oh her personal tweeter and revealed the new perfume ads on Friday featuring ROGUE for MEN which will be available all over the world in September.

Rihanna personally endorse the perfume by saying “LADIES!!! This September wake up next to your man smelling like this!!! Makes you wanna steal his T-shirts #ROGUEMAN”. Well the time is heating up so come on, grap and add to your perfume collection


What to give on bridal shower

Girls who is planning to attend bridal shower, should keep in mind that you guys can choose from these Bridal Gifts that you can give to your friend who is soon to be bride. She will definitely love the things shown there because she can use it while preparing on the wedding just like giving a bathrobe with “Bride” embroidered at the back. That will surely give an extra special effect on video or on photographs,

Scarlett Johansson Summer Pregnancy Look

Being pregnant in the middle of summer is sometimes exotic and miserable experience. Adding on this statement Scarlett Johansson has been recently spotted after having a short haircut called bowl style or even mushroom cut in the era of 90’s. Regarding Scarlett Johansson pregnancy, her expected due date of delivery is August, so she publicly says this haircut will give her a cooling off break. Certainly she looks rocking in this summer pregnancy look.