Nicole Scherzinger talks about battling Bulimia

The former x factor judge looked sizzling hot for her cover of Cosmopolitan. Nicole’s body was always a great form of envy, but the risk that she had to take to maintain her body was radical. When Nicole Scherzinger was touring with the Pussycat Dolls she started to become bulimic to maintain her body. It was a really dark time for her and it lasted for 8 years. She kept her disorder a secret from band mates and family. It took her passing out on tour to finally realize that what she was doing was destructive. She is now currently recovering.

Shia Labeouf Arrested

We have been getting a lot of strange behavior from actor Shia Labeouf lately. He was recently arrested at a Broadway show after getting into a fight and being verbally abusive. Shia Labeouf has not yet been checked into any rehabilitation centers, but is taking treatment for alcohol addiction. Shia knows that his bizarre actions are stemming from a larger health issue and is making tiny steps to recovery. His behavior started to shift when he arrived to the premiere of “Nymphomaniac” wearing a paper bag on his head

Makeup into Art

We all know makeup is an art form, in the right hands makeup can turn you into a flawless blushing goddess to a black winged eyeliner tough chic. ‘Red’ Hong Yi had a different kind of art in mind. She created wonderful artistic pieces made from  makeup. She used mascaras, foundation, lipstick and more to create one of a kind works of art. She calls the series “Make-Up Meets Chinese Art”